Name: Modern hump back american couch

Price: 1 Euro

Name: William IV Style Mahogany Dining Chairs

Price: 4000 Euro

Name: Selection of Vintage Sofa s

Price: 1 Euro

Name: 19th century wingback sofa

Price: 3250 Euro

Name: Vintage sofa

Price: 1250 Euro

Name: Mahogany framed easy chair

Price: 975 Euro

Name: Leather wing back chairs

Price: 1450 Euro

Name: Set of Leather chairs

Price: 4500 Euro

Name: 19th Century leather covered mahogany chairs

Price: 1200 Euro

Name: Victorian chair

Price: 650 Euro

Name: Victorian mahogany framed rocking chair

Price: 850 Euro

Name: Victorian Occasional Chair

Price: 895 Euro

Name: Beautiful Green Sofa

Price: 1950 Euro