Fine Example of an Irish, Regency period, dark veined Bardiglio Marble Chimney Piece


Regency Period (1811- 1820)

Fine example of a dark veined Bardiglio Imperiale marble Chimney Piece.

Carved in Ireland.

From the Mazza and Carrara district of Tuscany in Italy, Bardiglio marble is a compact, aphanitic lithotype, with a beautiful and elegant grey background, characterized by very thin dark grey veins running parallel to one another, that could also be, depending by the quarry and block of provenience, light grey or whitish in colour.

Bardiglio marble is an easy limestone to work with, of medium hardness that if fitted both for interior applications and interior designs as marble floorings, facings, columns, decorations and decorative objects. The finishes that best enhance Bardiglio’s beauty are polishing, brushing, honing and sanded.

Small quantities of Bardiglio marble were imported to Ireland from 1700 onward. Due to the high cost of the imported marble only the finest Irish marble carvers were commissioned to produce pieces of outstanding quality.


Mantle Length.             5’ 4’’      1640mm

Mantle Depth.                   7’’         180mm

Overall Height.            4’ 1’’.      1250mm

I.D Width.                     3’ 4’’.      1030mm

I.D Height.                   3’ 4’’.      1030mm

Pillar Width                       8’’.        200mm

SY10533       € 6,750 + Vat